Our Culture:

With three decades of history and passion in discovery and innovation we are proud to provide high quality cutting-edge medical device discoveries to solve problems creatively. We would like to share this passion in our community by providing our sincere services and putting the patients first. This is our contribution to transform lives around the world. These great tasks are possible only with the help of our talented, passionate and problem solver employees. 

Joining KB Medical means being creative and pushing boundaries in the world of medical device safety and therapy. It means team work, optimism and passion. If you would like to join our world and our community, please contact us at:


+1 (949) 333-3785


9650 Research Dr


Irvine CA 92618 USA

Email: info@kbmed.com




ENFit Syringe

ENFit Connector

ENFit Feeding Set

Oral Syringe

Irrigation Syringe

KB Medical Group is the leading global manufacturer of safety-engineered therapy devices for optimal hospital and patient safety. We manufacture ISO80369-3 compliant, enteral feeding products and accessories uniquely designed using the new standard ENFit™ connection system for safe delivery of nutrition and medication to pediatric and adult patients. Using the improved, enteral-specific design, ENFit™ products help reduce the risk of misconnections and significantly improve patient safety... READ MORE

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